If you are having trouble watching the videos try these steps.

  1. Try adding http://vimeo.com to your exception list. Sometimes some people might have an add-on on Mozilla Firfox that will block certain websites and videos, so you have to make sure that there is an exception. For add block plus add-on go to the browser’s “Tools” menu, scroll down to Ad Block Plus and on the drop-down menu click “Disable on tsmc.church” and that should allow you to watch the videos. This should work if you only hear sound and can’t see the videos.
  2. Try downloading the proper codecs. You can try this (just a recommendation) K-lite Codec Pack Make sure you go down to the bottom of the page to download, they have other links that say “Download” so be careful and just click on the one that says “DOWNLOAD¬† K-Lite Codec Pack”
  3. Email Us and let us know what problem you are having and we will try to help you.

More to come