Welcome to the Woman’s Missionary Society Page.


Motto: Women With A Mission

Hymn: “People Need The Lord”

Color: Shades Of Purple

Verse: John 20:21 – “As My Father Hath Sent Me, So I Send You.”


Over the years, the leaders of the WMS have worked toward the same goals, to promote missions and support the needs of our missionary families. This is the reason for the monthly offerings and requirements for Honor Society. Each member gives as they can and the many small offerings multiply so our missionaries’ needs are meet.
Attendance is important for each member to grow spiritually through Bible Study, to learn about the work of our missionaries, and to share in evangelism.

(R Kelly)


Basic requirements:
  1. Attendance at District Meeting
  2. Attendance at Annual Conference
  3. Prescribed Mission and Bible Study
  4. Support SM Foreign Missions
  5. Support approved SM Home Missions*
  6. Participate in Week of Prayer
  7. Participate in SM Day of Prayer
  8. Participate in SM Education Day
  9. Participate in Emphasis Month
  10. Send in Quarterly Dues
  11. *Approved Home Missions are Youth Coordinator and Boys Farm in Newberry.
What is the WMS?

The purpose of the WMS is to teach, promote, and support missions, to include a threefold objective.

1. The WMS teaches the duty and responsibility of taking the gospel to all nations.

2. The WMS helps each woman find her place in God’s plan of world evangelism.

3. The WMS encourages and challenges each woman to actively share in the opportunities she has of reaching her family, church, community and the world for Christ.

Note: The name Woman’s Missionary Society was purposely selected instead of Women’s Missionary Society because it is personal for each individual woman (4).

 Plan Of Work

August: Emphasis Month—Promote WMS
September: SM Camps
October: Week of Prayer
November: Missionary Kid’s Fund
December: Local Missions
January: Missionary Clothing Fund
February: Southern Methodist Day of Prayer
March Mission Supply Closet
April: SM College Project
May: SM College Scholarships
June: Education Day

Special offerings

August: $1.00 per member to assist with officer expenses.
October: Missions Offering
November: MK Scholarship Fund
January: Missionary Clothing Fund
February: SM College
March: Offering to supply Mission Supply Closet. Donations to supply kitchen and bathroom are welcome, but only new items.
June: Offering for SM College Scholarship Fund.
July: Newsletter Fee is due with updated mailing list for each society. Fee is $4.00. Newsletter is sent quarterly.